3 Tips To Keep Growing in 2024

3 Tips To Keep Growing in 2024

During this time of year, everyone falls victim to stopping their good habits or they take a "day off" from doing what they know will improve their life. These 3 tips will help you keep momentum so you can get over the hump and progress further than you ever had.

Remind Yourself of Your Reward

When people fail in their consistency it is because they have forgotten the result they are looking to achieve! Now this may seem obvious but this is where creating purpose-filled goals connects. Your habits that will help you grow to achieve your goals should serve a purpose.

Remind Yourself of Past Pain

There is a saying that goes, "People grow when the pain of change is less that the pain of their present." This is true! Do you remember how much pain you were in because of the void that exists in your life? Maybe it is with your physical health, financially, or with your professional life. Understand that saying, "No" to your good habits, is saying "Yes" to living in your past pain.

Evaluate Your Self-Talk

Great people are consistent, simple and plain. Further more, great people don't negotiate with themselves. You want to achieve something great, the price is consistency. This is not about how you feel, it about getting the job done. This is why you must have your self-talk under control. The voices in our head will convince us why "it's not a big deal" or "it's only one time". Be clear, that one time is everything! How you do the smallest of things is how you do everything.

Hope that this was helpful to you. If you want to hear more about proper habits and how to build mental toughness - Click Here

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